Thursday, February 2, 2012

Life and Fond Memories

We're well into the new year and keeping busy as can be! Everyone on the ranch looks back on our 2011 season with very fond and great memories. We have been so fortunate to meet the best folks out there. Ranching is inside everyone of us we all share similar interests. We all enjoy the scenic range riding and sharing quality time in the saddle together. We enjoyed the team work together working with the cattle and good times at cow camp, around the super table and around the camp fire. Together at the end of the day it makes for some classic and ear to ear stories stories about our day as well as stories from around the world. Yes ranching is in a part of all of us no matter where we're at today or what walk of life we choose.

This winter the cattle are on pasture mostly. Our calves are being fed for gain as well. Hip has been feeding the cattle here at the home place with Ryan and Dez. Hip is also hauling hay to Crooked Creek with Ryan to prepare us when the cattle return home to the creek for calving. We have all have been working cattle as it's necessary for the winter season. Livestock seem to bring out the best moments in a person. We get to hear some colorful expressive with even maybe a tinge of profanity in our language at times. No matter how hard we try it just happens!

This year Dez and Ryan are working with our started colt. They're working with them and riding them most days now. We've had only a couple colorful expressive occasions but thank goodness all's well. As the old saying goes "sticks and stones may break my bones but words don't bother me"! No matter what it's unbelievable how well all the little guys are coming along and how well they seem to be enjoying the working and riding too. Loretta has been working with the weanling colts & filly's. They're becoming more and more gentle by the day and like wise enjoying the work with only just a smidgin of colored words. That only happened in the first early days when my arms were stretched a bit. The learning is so good and working with horses it makes up for everything else. I've also kept up with our guest ranch business, advert's and bookings. Combined it all keeps us busy and as we say "it keeps life interesting" can't ask for better than that!

We're eager and looking very much forward to spring calving and our up coming guest season, can't wait! Thank you so much for sharing a piece of our lives together and for the fond memories we hold very dear.

So Long, happy 2012 trails!

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