Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Arriving at the Lonewolf camp & range country,

It's been a good, busy season this year. Late June we moved camp from Deadman to Lonewolf. It just so happened to decide to rain as we were driving down the L.W. pass road. What a trip that was! We made it though and yes it was very exciting at times. We definitely needed 4x4 and chains to pull Hip and I with our long loads with trailers. The horses were driven over too. It sounded like an exciting and awesome ride! It did quit raining for quite a while and we set up most all our camp before it started up again. Afterwards with a great home cooked meal and tunes around the campfire the evening ended well and with a big sense of accomplishment amongst all.

Ken McNabb is here with us this week. It's wonderful to have him and his horsemanship knowledge. It sure helps us learn an easier and correct method with starting young horses. It's amazing how accomplished a person can feel when their colt responds so well for them.

Hip, Dez, Ryan & Sam are driving cattle from Deadman to Lonewolf again this week with our group. Most of our branding is caught up. We're still ear-tagging with administering blackleg/pinkeye vaccine to our calves as well as starting castration now that we're in the month of July. We'll be driving cattle from Crooked Creek up to our mountain permit area in the next day or two as well.

It's been a great 2014 season! We thank each and everyone of you who have been with us and have visited us through out the past years and our present season! The TX guest ranch has been operating now since 1976, wow hard to believe 38 fantastic years!! We feel very fortunate to have met the best folks and friends out there. We couldn't have done it with out you. Our very special THANKS to you all!

Abbie, Hip, Loretta & Desiree Tillett

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Whats going on the winter?

Everybody has been busy this winter feeding cattle, pregnancy testing cows, sorting everything and bringing livestock to winter pastures, feed grounds and corral feeding. We have a few new comers this year. Sheena raised about 48 head of Holsteins. They're very black and white and doing pretty good. Some are growing like crazy and getting very big. A few are still small but working there way up the ladder to full strength, health, weight and maintaining themselves. Once that happens they'll take off and catch up with the others.

Hip and Dez, are riding in Dryhead today for the rest of the horses that are still on Lonewolf. Thank goodness there aren't to many horses left there, just a few. We need to drive them home to feed and care for them for the rest of the winter. The week before we gathered the better share of the horses that had been driven down to the lower spring country earlier this fall. Most of our horses we're found up at the Robinson PL and down on the Big Horn Canyon area. They we're all driven home last weekend. This past week we sorted the geldings, stallions and mares. When sorting them we also took the time to weaned all the foals off their mothers. Once the foals are weaned we'll later begin to ground work them to help gentle them and prepare them for their later roll as a saddle horse or possibly sell a few as gentle AQHA sale prospects.

This season the ranch will be offering a few horses or colts for sale! The ranch AQHA colts have been raised in wide open country. For safety concerns you just can't beat that these days! Their breeding is good. They know how to travel in all season terrain and it's elements. Rain, ice, snow or shine including any water gap that comes their way. All combined are merely second nature for them. We're looking forward to working with them, gentling them and becoming there partners............If your interested look them up this upcoming season on TX blog spot, TX Ranch Wyoming/Montana face book or TX Ranch face book sites.

We hope you enjoy your new year. Everybody at TX wishes you and yours Happy 2013 Trails!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012




                 Our fall cattle drives are upon us already. Gosh how time fly's when your having fun! Thanks to each and everyone of you for your support. It has been a real good year for us. All of our TX Ranch family appreciates your help and sharing some great times together both in the saddle, working cattle, around the supper table, in camp and around the fire. You have helped us keep this ranch going and we have you to thank for that........... THANK YOU VERY MUCH! 

 ..... TX RANCH 2013 WEEK DATES:.....
 #1) APRIL 20-27 ***.....   
#2) APRIL 27-MAY 4 ***.... 

 #3) MAY 18-25....   
 #4) MAY 25-JUNE 1....   

 #5) JUNE 8-15....    
#6) JUNE 15-22....                   
 #7) JUNE 22-29....    

#8) JULY 6-13....    
 #9) JULY 13-20....    

 #10) JULY 27-AUG. 3....                
#11) AUG. 3-10....    

#12) AUG. 17-24....    
#13) AUG. 24-31.... 

#14) SEPT. 14-21 ***     
#15) SEPT. 21-28 ***  


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Life and Fond Memories

We're well into the new year and keeping busy as can be! Everyone on the ranch looks back on our 2011 season with very fond and great memories. We have been so fortunate to meet the best folks out there. Ranching is inside everyone of us we all share similar interests. We all enjoy the scenic range riding and sharing quality time in the saddle together. We enjoyed the team work together working with the cattle and good times at cow camp, around the super table and around the camp fire. Together at the end of the day it makes for some classic and ear to ear stories stories about our day as well as stories from around the world. Yes ranching is in a part of all of us no matter where we're at today or what walk of life we choose.

This winter the cattle are on pasture mostly. Our calves are being fed for gain as well. Hip has been feeding the cattle here at the home place with Ryan and Dez. Hip is also hauling hay to Crooked Creek with Ryan to prepare us when the cattle return home to the creek for calving. We have all have been working cattle as it's necessary for the winter season. Livestock seem to bring out the best moments in a person. We get to hear some colorful expressive with even maybe a tinge of profanity in our language at times. No matter how hard we try it just happens!

This year Dez and Ryan are working with our started colt. They're working with them and riding them most days now. We've had only a couple colorful expressive occasions but thank goodness all's well. As the old saying goes "sticks and stones may break my bones but words don't bother me"! No matter what it's unbelievable how well all the little guys are coming along and how well they seem to be enjoying the working and riding too. Loretta has been working with the weanling colts & filly's. They're becoming more and more gentle by the day and like wise enjoying the work with only just a smidgin of colored words. That only happened in the first early days when my arms were stretched a bit. The learning is so good and working with horses it makes up for everything else. I've also kept up with our guest ranch business, advert's and bookings. Combined it all keeps us busy and as we say "it keeps life interesting" can't ask for better than that!

We're eager and looking very much forward to spring calving and our up coming guest season, can't wait! Thank you so much for sharing a piece of our lives together and for the fond memories we hold very dear.

So Long, happy 2012 trails!

Sunday, December 4, 2011



Tizz the season to be jolly

December is upon us once again. We woke to 4" of fresh snow this morning which looks a lot like Christmas!

All is well here at the TX Ranch. Hip, Sheena, Payton & Harley helped drive some cattle home today. About 60 head were already at Davis Creek. They had their fill digging through the snow for feed. They were happy to find their way home for the winter. Dez & Ryan hauled heifers to a farm near Lovell with beet tops, and beat tailings for feed. They will do real well gaining on that type of feed. As soon as the weather clears up Dez and Ryan will be driving around to the Will James Ranch and Shivley Ranch where Star lives. They'll be driving out the horses and also the rest of the cows which are still at Lone Wolf and in-between else where.

We all pregnancy tested cows last week and also in November. Sheena and I have been going with Hip or Dez and Ryan when possible. I'm helping Abbie and Sheena too when possible. This fall Abbie had a pretty bad spell of gout and wasn't able to walk. Thank goodness today she was doing much better. She tried some cherries and she took some anti inflammatory type pills. It did help her and she looks much better now. SO GLAD!!! :) :)

The Tillett family wishes to thank you so very much for such a great and fun 2011 season. It was a pleasure for our family to meet new friends and to see our dear friends who visit the ranch when it's possible or yearly. Hip, Loretta, Desiree, Ryan and Christine all enjoyed some great times in camp and in the saddle and working cattle together with everybody!

Our fond wishes for a Blessed, Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year!

From all at TX Ranch

Friday, June 24, 2011

TX sister's night out!

Week end time out, a quick shot on a night out for sis's in their girly dud's!

Summer is here!

Wow we've had a busy spring with few blog words in-between and it's already summer! It's been a rainy spring with all kinds of cattle work going on both in camp and at the home place that is why my post is long over due and please forgive me for that.

We're now almost ready to move camp to the Lone Wolf now that it's almost July. We normally drive the cattle out of the spring range country around the first of July. So once that happens Lone Wolf is where we are based to be as close to the cattle as possible for working, riding, etc. It's a nice move and the cattle are ready for greener range pasture as well as our selves. We'll begin our seasonal cattle work cattle drives, castration, ear tagging, vaccines, wrangling horses, late branding you name it the livestock seem to keep us busy spring, summer, fall or winter.

We're looking very much forward to the move and the scenic cow camp at Lone Wolf! We have some great guests and friends who will be with us this season helping us through our busy schedule with the livestock and all the trimmings that come with it. We're so very much looking forward to seeing and meeting each and every one it's something we truly enjoy and we feel so fortunate to meet and share our time in the saddle and working cattle together and down time in camp with the best folks out there!

Have a great summer, we'll keep in touch!

Happy trails!
Hip, Loretta, family and crew

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

TX Ranch: It's warming up!

It's been warming up this week we're so we're all smiles and actually looking forward to spring time. Right now it's slushy everywhere at least for a few more days. This winter we had a lot of snow for our area which we needed so we can't complaining one bit. Hopefully before the calves start coming along we'll be pretty well dried up. If it keeps dry while calving it will surly help a great deal. No doubt March we'll have rain and snow but hopefully it will be short lived for the calves to help them with their first days we'll keep our fingers crossed.

Hip, Dez and Ryan have been feeding daily and things have gone well for the livestock which is good. We've had our normal cold weather equipment problems and break downs which is expensive and time consuming although likely to expect during winter. With the days getting longer, more sun light and warming up, etc. the whole picture makes life easier on everybody, everything and it's giving all of us a taste of spring fever to boot.

We're all looking forward to heading back into Dryhead soon and staying at our spring camp Deadman which also means cattle drives, working cattle/calves, roping, branding once again. We're sure looking forward to our guest season because we all have been so lucky and fortunate to meet the best folks out there! It has really helped us understand people from all walks of life, learning from them, their ways, cultures and sharing a piece of our lives combined it just can't get better then that! Deadman cabin is coming along to we have most of it complete but still the roof work and finishing touches both inside and out. The cold weather and road conditions brought the project to a halt when it became unsure if you could get to Deadman or make it out by the end of a day with wind or snow since it's quite a steep climb.

Me, well I'm hard at it with helping Hip and also working on 2011 bookings with Sheena our daughter helping too. No doubt always ranch business can't forget those nagging bills which pile up if you don't keep on top of them. It's good though I very much enjoy helping Mr. Hip and anyone else because it gives me a chance to get away from business and be with the livestock what ever is necessary and family, can't beat that! : -)

Just a little heads up, can't wait to see all our good dear friends and meet some great new friends too.