Sunday, January 27, 2013

Whats going on the winter?

Everybody has been busy this winter feeding cattle, pregnancy testing cows, sorting everything and bringing livestock to winter pastures, feed grounds and corral feeding. We have a few new comers this year. Sheena raised about 48 head of Holsteins. They're very black and white and doing pretty good. Some are growing like crazy and getting very big. A few are still small but working there way up the ladder to full strength, health, weight and maintaining themselves. Once that happens they'll take off and catch up with the others.

Hip and Dez, are riding in Dryhead today for the rest of the horses that are still on Lonewolf. Thank goodness there aren't to many horses left there, just a few. We need to drive them home to feed and care for them for the rest of the winter. The week before we gathered the better share of the horses that had been driven down to the lower spring country earlier this fall. Most of our horses we're found up at the Robinson PL and down on the Big Horn Canyon area. They we're all driven home last weekend. This past week we sorted the geldings, stallions and mares. When sorting them we also took the time to weaned all the foals off their mothers. Once the foals are weaned we'll later begin to ground work them to help gentle them and prepare them for their later roll as a saddle horse or possibly sell a few as gentle AQHA sale prospects.

This season the ranch will be offering a few horses or colts for sale! The ranch AQHA colts have been raised in wide open country. For safety concerns you just can't beat that these days! Their breeding is good. They know how to travel in all season terrain and it's elements. Rain, ice, snow or shine including any water gap that comes their way. All combined are merely second nature for them. We're looking forward to working with them, gentling them and becoming there partners............If your interested look them up this upcoming season on TX blog spot, TX Ranch Wyoming/Montana face book or TX Ranch face book sites.

We hope you enjoy your new year. Everybody at TX wishes you and yours Happy 2013 Trails!

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