Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Arriving at the Lonewolf camp & range country,

It's been a good, busy season this year. Late June we moved camp from Deadman to Lonewolf. It just so happened to decide to rain as we were driving down the L.W. pass road. What a trip that was! We made it though and yes it was very exciting at times. We definitely needed 4x4 and chains to pull Hip and I with our long loads with trailers. The horses were driven over too. It sounded like an exciting and awesome ride! It did quit raining for quite a while and we set up most all our camp before it started up again. Afterwards with a great home cooked meal and tunes around the campfire the evening ended well and with a big sense of accomplishment amongst all.

Ken McNabb is here with us this week. It's wonderful to have him and his horsemanship knowledge. It sure helps us learn an easier and correct method with starting young horses. It's amazing how accomplished a person can feel when their colt responds so well for them.

Hip, Dez, Ryan & Sam are driving cattle from Deadman to Lonewolf again this week with our group. Most of our branding is caught up. We're still ear-tagging with administering blackleg/pinkeye vaccine to our calves as well as starting castration now that we're in the month of July. We'll be driving cattle from Crooked Creek up to our mountain permit area in the next day or two as well.

It's been a great 2014 season! We thank each and everyone of you who have been with us and have visited us through out the past years and our present season! The TX guest ranch has been operating now since 1976, wow hard to believe 38 fantastic years!! We feel very fortunate to have met the best folks and friends out there. We couldn't have done it with out you. Our very special THANKS to you all!

Abbie, Hip, Loretta & Desiree Tillett

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