Thursday, January 21, 2016

Happy New Year!

January 2016 another great year has passed already! Almost like the seasons have wings and there flying by! We hope you have a happy, healthy & prosperous new year with the good lords blessings.

Thanks Dez! The cattle and horses are now here at the home place for the winter season. That means a lot of mouths to feed daily! We've pregnancy tested all the cows and sorted all the livestock calves, heifers, steers and bulls now in separate feed grounds or corrals. This winter we've been very lucky to have such a mild season with mild temps so far. We have just received a fair amount of snow about 8 inches. We need it! Especially on the mountain and in Dryhead. It warms right up with full sun and settles the snow and melts off little by little everyday. With the mild winter it helps the livestock maintain their health and weight much easier. Our pickups, feed trucks, tractor and machinery maintenance is better too with less break downs, etc. This kind of weather is good on everything, everybody including all of us! I haven't heard any complaints working outside all day, only after dark!

This winter we're raising a few pigs. The other animals in close by pens are getting use to them. At first it's funny to see how they react when right away their heard and noticed by horses or cows. It's too funny to watch! :) They're so cute though and growing very quickly. We'll keep a couple/few sows to raise some more piglets down the road. The wild turkey population is growing yearly too. They all spread out and leave during spring and return to the home place corrals during winter where Hip feeds them daily. You should hear him calling them. He truly enjoy them! The big cotton wood tree is loaded with turkeys not to long after sundown every night. What a site to be seen!!

All of our family are doing well. This past November however we lost our beloved Abbie Hope, Hip's mother. Her service gave a very unique interesting story of her life time. The year I arrived spring 1976 Abbie began the TX guest ranch. She cooked over a wood stove, dutch ovens and a campfire. The supper table would be lined with a wonderful home cooked meal, fresh homemade pies, bread and fried dough gods. Abbie didn't hesitated to pitch right in and help with the cattle work or riding either. Proudly the guest ranch now has been in operation for 40 great years! Thank you Abbie! and thank you to all the great folks who have befriended us and visited TX Ranch!

Hip, Loretta, Dez, Sheen, Kevin, Payt & Harley and all our four legged friends :)

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