Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Trails End

Oct. 2014

     Well we've come to the end of our guest season and have now taken down the Lonewolf camp. Sadly it looks quite lonely there with out our good friends. :(  

     Dez, Ryan "Poncho", Kurt "Whiskers" brought several saddle horse colts home to Crooked Creek keeping them going and riding them daily as needed here and in Dryhead. They're riding a few for our Dairy steers today up at the Robinson Pl., and driving them home tomorrow. Later we'll be driving all remaining cattle home for the winter as well, most likely by late Nov. or early Dec. No doubt indeed our weather always determines when exactly that will be. It does take several attempts riding Dryhead to locate and eventually find them all including the rest of our saddle horses.

    Within the next few days we'll return and ride the Robinson Pl. for our mares & foals and drive them down to the Deadman corrals and in-turn wean their spring colts. This season we have buckskins, palomino's, a grulla, sorrel's, some bay's and a nice sorrel big baldy face colt too. The colts will be gentled, halter broke and learn how to lead if we have enough time before we begin feeding cattle. It sure makes for a better and more gentle saddle horse in the end. It's also time for their AQHA reg. paper work to be completed too.

     We're enjoying some family home time and looking forward to each other, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, birthdays "well hm'mm not so sure about the B-Days" ?? Some years winter can be three plus cold months, br'rrr of feeding cattle everyday and all that goes with it, sorting, cattle work, etc. Equipment can be awful difficult to start on the 0 minus mornings for sure. That's when the break downs seem to happen as well. When spring rolls around everyone will surly be looking forward to warm weather and driving cattle back into the grass country in Dryhead and of course our 2015 guest season which begins next April 25th! Oh yes most of all we look forward to seeing and meeting such wonderful and great people and friends once again too. :)

Ha guys Hip's New to YOU hat! In fact new last June! Hip just had it cleaned at Billings Nile Rodeo, ya'aaa!! :) :)

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